Sunday, April 26, 2015


UPDATE for 2015

As we begin the Spring in East Texas, I am making plans for my 4th trip to Haiti in August. I have the privilege, once again, to go back to NVM and serve on a Short Term Medical Team. This summer I will bring one of my graduates and a workout buddy with me. When I think about August, I get very excited of going back to Haiti; Haiti is beginning to be my second home. Lucky me!

Enough about me, let me update you on SHOES for HAITI. First of all THANK YOU for giving your SHOES for HAITI and allowing me to share them with the beautiful people at Chembrum, Haiti. Every time I think my mission for collecting shoes is over, I get more shoes from friends and strangers. My heart is always overwhelmed.

As of 04.04.15 I have collected approximately 1187 pairs of shoes and shipped approximately 1052. I clean them, air dry the shoes for 24 hours and only ship the pairs that are without holes, torn soles, etc. The Haitians terrain is very rocky with large thorns, and I do not want to send any pair that has holes, or the soles are worn.  It's important to me, that I ship gently used shoes. That was my initial commitment 2.5 years ago, and I will remain steadfast to quality over quantity. 

I have another plan to bring back Haitian artwork from a few artist I have befriended and have an Art Showing in Tyler, early Fall. All the proceeds will be going back to Haiti. I have a deep love for Haitian art and hope you will find one piece that speaks to you and you'll proudly display in your home. More information on this endeavor as things develop.    

Thank you for sharing the journey with me and keep sending me your SHOES for HAITI.

P.S. Notice post on School Shoes needs in March. 

Blessings (and thank you)

Friday, June 27, 2014




We began collecting Shoes for Haiti, July 2013. It will soon to be one year! Sweet how God has delivered so many offerings to the Haitians through so many people sharing their 

Over 800 pairs of shoes have been sent to me over the past 12 months either via mail, hand deliveries or I physically go pick them up. The process after I receive the shoes is, clean each pair and leave them out in the sun to dry for several days to ensure the shoes are tidy before sharing them with our Haitian friends. It is important to me, that the offerings we give to Haiti (NVM) are something we take pride in and would want our children/family to receive. With that being said, if some of the shoes are more then "gently worn" (which are very few) then I save them and give them to a local charity to disperse accordingly.

When I have a substantial amount of shoes that are ready to be shipped; I send them to Indiana to the NVM Warehouse. They receive the shoes and store them until teams go to Haiti or they have a container ready to be sent to NVM. Short-term teams go to NVM in Haiti weekly, and some will have a suitcase of YOUR shoes to hand deliver to NVM, Chambrun, Ouest, Haiti

Once the shoes arrive in NVM; they are stored and given to the children or adults as NVM sees the need. One thing that is important for everyone to understand is these shoes are an "investment" not a hand-out. NVM and Pastor Pierre do not believe in just giving handouts to the local Haitians. It is about earning a gift by many avenues. Example: school children that have excelled in good grades, showing exceptional kindness to others, attendance, etc. These shoes can allow a child to come to school to better themselves (students must wear school uniforms). Adults that receive a pair of shoes could pay .25 cents, for an example, which will allow them to walk to work, or do extra work around the NVM compound. If at anytime you wish to learn more about what is happening at NVM, then peruse the web site for updates and feel free to ask questions. 

I respect and honor the decisions of how and when the shoes are distributed by NVM; I have no doubt that when there is a need, Pastor Pierre and his staff will share your shoes as needed. 

It is my hope/prayer that one day we will no longer collect SHOES for HAITI because we have made a difference and allowed someone to better themselves and be an integral working educated Haitian. 

This is why I do this...not about me; about giving back and making a difference. 

Our wonderful local UPS store graciously gives me a free box each time I have a shipment. It warms my heart how people are so freely to give, unconditionally. Kudos to Jeff and the team at: UPS 1910 E Southeast Loop 323, Tyler, TX 75701 Phone:(903) 533-8077
Colonial Hills Baptist Church, from Tyler supports the monetary costs to ship the shoes since September 2013, which has helped me tremendously. Any monetary donations I receive is greatly appreciated and documented as well as notifying the church.

(I have an excel spreadsheet of the shoes collected, shipped,  monetary donations, names 
of each person/group readily available for accountability)
As the one year anniversary of collecting SHOES for HAITI approaches, my words are endless to thank you for giving, sharing and loving the Haitians from afar.
I will be traveling with a medical team in September to NVM, Haiti and I am super excited to see the difference in what you all have done, by giving your SHOES for HAITI!!!
Life is Goud!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Shipping Saturday, May 24th

What a great shipment heading to Haiti this Saturday.

Many thanks to Deann Rienhardt; Crystal Johnson, Patty Herber and Dawn Vaughn.
Check out the Facebook Page for updates, etc.:

You ladies will make many people at NVM smile with appreciation. And remember, you are making an investment in the lives of others across the globe by sharing your Shoes for Haiti. These shoes will make a difference and allow some to attend school, work and better themselves. 

Thank you so much!  Also, check out the link for when Pastor Pierre was in Tyler, Tx. 

As they say in Haiti: "Life is Goud"

Saturday, March 29, 2014

School Shoes NEEDS

Greetings Bloggers

Imminent needs for Shoes for HAITI. The children/kids (Toddlers to High School Kids) need SCHOOL SHOES. They can not attend school unless they are wearing closed toed; SOLID BLACK shoes (soles must be black, too).

Sizes are Boys: Toddlers size 8 through Men's size 11 and Women: Toddler size 8 though Women size 8. The picture is an example of shoes to collect, but any style is needed.

Next time you are at a garage sale, thrift store, pick-up a pair and send to me. 
My goal is for everyone that sees this post finds one pair of Shoes for Haiti for the school. 

Thank you again for always reading the blog/facebook page but mostly 
for just loving the Haitians from afar!

Sunday, March 16, 2014


PHASE 10 in Route!!!

2 Boxes; 125 Pairs of Shoes for Haiti.
Thank you all so very much for giving unconditionally.

We have exciting news:
Pastor Pierre from NVM, Haiti will be in Texas, April for 10 days. He will be meeting with some local churches for a  "meet and greet"; with hopes to send some "TEXAS" teams to Haiti. 

Opportunity of a life time awaits everyone. Anyone from anyplace is welcomed to come to NVM, Haiti and serve. Many, many areas of serving awaits you all.

More details to come, but feel free to email me for one-on-one chat about Pastor Pierre's visit.


FYI: Over 700 pairs of Shoes for Haiti have been shipped! 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Phase 11

Phase 11 begins!! Ready to collect more
Shoes for Haiti. 

Thank you Vickie Lewis and Sara Wilcox; you girls are the blessings to the Haitains. 

Exciting news do share next week. Until then, be a blessing to others and share your Shoes for Haiti. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014


February is beginning to be a wonderful month for 
Shoes for Haiti

Collected 90 pairs and preparing the shoes for shipment soon!!
Thank you
Ted and Margo Willis
Rachel and Jett Carter
Carolyn Kindle
Jeff and Tanya Scroki
James and Tomi Ellis
Frances Coffman
Maryann Exum

Blessings beyond words!  
Once this shipment is mailed, I have an empty garage and ready for more Shoes for Haiti.

Update: We have collected 674 and shipped 584 as January 2014.  
You guys are awesome to love the Haitians from afar!